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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Why the tape books are important in my life..."

Many people enjoy reading. So what happens when a person who loves reading loses their sight? The ORL administers a special program lending audio materials to eligible visually impaired and homebound customers. Each registered user gets a weekly one-on-one consultation with a reference assistant to help them choose materials of interest, and taped books are mailed postage-free to wherever the customer lives in the ORL region.

Here is a heart-warming letter from one taped book customer championing this service:

Why the tape books are important in my life:

I was a librarian, an English high school teacher and read constantly before becoming seriously severely visually impaired. I can now see only to get around, am over 90 years old and not able to get about very well. There is very little to do to keep me occupied.

The talking tapes are an integral part of my life. The service is essential to me. The assistance I get from the reference assistant Suzanne Mitchell at the library ensures that I can obtain the best of the literature which is compatible to my taste in good reading. She also lightens up my week with her common sense and friendliness.

I read and use these tapes every day, all day long. If I was unable to access these services my life would be an unendurable endless nothing.

- Henry Hildebrand (written for Henry by his wife)

To learn more about this program, visit your local branch and ask for a Taped Book program form.

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