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Friday, September 6, 2013

Find Great Newspaper and Magazines Articles in the Canadian Newsstand & the Canadian Business and Current Affairs Index

For the month of September, the ORL is featuring two eResources: the Canadian Business and Current Affairs Index (CBCA) & Canadian Newsstand.

You can find articles from some of your favourite newspapers and magazines in CBCA & Canadian Newsstand -- both eResources are searched at the same time. Many of the magazines and newspapers in these collections offer the full-text of the article and access to back issues.
Learn about currents events, business, and politics in magazines such as:

·         The Economist
·         Maclean’s
·         Newsweek (Global ed.)

Keep informed with Canadian Newspapers such as:
·         Globe and Mail
·         National Post
·         Vancouver Sun

Along with the many more magazines and newspapers that are offered, you can find also find journals for literary reviews, and peer-reviewed scholarly publications from the sciences and social sciences.
You can check out CBCA and Canadian Newsstand by clicking on the ‘View all Digital Resources’ button, on the ORL’s homepage. From there, you can find the links to CBCA or to Canadian Newsstand, as well as find all of the other eResources that the ORL has to offer. Be sure to have your library card handy, you will need to sign in with your library card barcode number and PIN.

For the month of September, you will able to find the link to access CBCA and Canadian Newsstand in the Check this out! box on the ORL’s homepage.
Once you’ve signed in, click on the Publications link near the upper left hand corner of the page. This will bring up a list of all the publications in the CBCA & Canadian Newsstand databases. Then, type the name of the magazine or newspaper you want to find into the search box.

Clicking on the title of the publication from the results list will bring you to the Publication Information page. On this page you can…
·         Click on “view most recent issue” link next to the title of the magazine or newspaper, to get to the newest articles right away
·         Check out the full-text coverage period
·         Search within the publication for specific articles.
·         Or, browse articles by issues or year (just click on the year/issue you are interested in)
Check it out today!


Each month, the ORL will be featuring one of its eResources. Library membership gives ORL patrons access to a wide range of eResources that can be accessed from home and in the library. These eResources can be used for reading and enjoyment, to help you with your research needs, or to learn new things.

Bring the library to your home today!



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