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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's all about the people...

Our branches always have interesting stories to share about the people who visit the library, and why...

From Enderby:

"A customer who had been out collecting bottles with high school students came into the library and said "I need a quiet place! It's so noisy at the bottle depot where the kids are sorting glass. I just need a place to get away for a few minutes." He sat in our comfy chair with his head back for 10 minutes, and then said he felt much better. Another way to use the library!"

In Peachland:

"One of our customers visited the library every day while studying an online course to be a security guard. Then we were able to proctor the exam in the branch, and now he has a full-time with a security company! Add employment centre to our uses."

In Revelstoke:

"Our oldest customer is 102 years old, and she still comes into the library every week to pick up her taped books (as she is print disabled). She still lives in her own apartment - what an example for us all!"

And in Vernon, where they were able to help honour a former customer:

"One of our informal branch mascots - our three paper mache penguins - was borrowed by a customer to use in a memorial service as the deceased loved penguins. We are a lending library after all!"

Do you have any stories about the special people at the library?

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