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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Try a New Author - Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is the girl next door. She bought lingerie for a big department chain but got laid off so, of course, she went and blackmailed her cousin into giving her a job as a bond enforcement agent. She doesn’t know what she is doing which makes for a really fun ride. The fact that she has 2 men in her life that she can’t choose between and she has a “partner” who is larger than life but wears teeny tiny outfits and has huge hair adds to the appeal. And then when you add the Merry Men – hilarity ensues. Wait until you get to book # 9; To the Nines but you will want to start with One for the Money. P.S. if you saw the movie the books are much funnier. Great Mystery series.

Recommended by Annette from Mission Branch

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