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Monday, February 21, 2011

How little, and how much, has changed!

In preparing for the ORL's 75th celebrations, library staff from around the region have been sharing photos, news clippings and memorabilia from yesteryear. These unearthered treasures are fascinating, and in cases, just as pertinent now as they were before. This is a Letter to the Editor of the Summerland Review newspaper printed on Thursday, September 5, 1946, reprinted verbatim minus the signature:

Editor, The Review:

I think that some of our new residents may not know of the value of the public library here. With longer evenings approaching, they could have such pleasure if, on their Saturday shopping tour, they called in at the Union library on the high school grounds and took home an armful of books for their familys enjoyment through the week-end.

The children's books are especially delightful and there are many that could not be afforded by the average family. All that has to be done is to ask the librarian to make out a card for each member.

In addition to books right now in our branch, we have the right to request the use of any book in the whole Union library which covers many towns in the Okanagan, and in this way we gain access to more than twenty thousand books. As well as novels and books of adventure, there is a travel and biography section; also books on handicrafts and drawing, etc, on gardening and the drama.

So, Summerlanders, do use and enjoy your public library this winter. It is one of our community's best assets.

All still very true - except now the ORL has 750,000 books, movies, magazines and more!

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