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Monday, June 17, 2013

Books to read for National Aboriginal Day

National Aboriginal Day is this Friday, June 21st. BJ, our adult collections librarian, came up with some good suggestions:
1/ I have done two lists in BiblioCommons in the past… ‘Theytus Books – Celebrating 30 Years’  and ‘Okanagan First NationHistory, Stories & Legends’   

2/ “Speaking My Truth: reflections on reconciliation andresidential schools”  - selected by Shelagh Rogers (CBC) and series editors Mike DeGagn√© and Jonathan Dewar  (short memoirs and essays from a variety of perspectives) We have a book club kit for this title as well. 

3/  We have 2 interesting dvds donated  by Westbank First Nation “Stories from Westbank First Nation Women”  and  “MoreStories from Westbank First Nation Women”.

4/  Some FN storytellers and authors I’d recommend:  Harry Robinson (Okanagan), Jeannette Armstrong (Okanagan), Tomson Highway (Cree), Drew HaydenTaylor (Ojibway), Richard Wagamese (Ojibway), Richard Van Camp (Dogrib)

4/  Finally read “Three Day Road” by Joseph Boyden  -- held my interest (actually my eyes were glued to the book!) on a longish plane trip.   Loosely based on a real-life First Nations sharpshooter in WW One - fabulous storytelling, amazing writing. 

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