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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bones of the Lost - Mummified Dogs and Murder!

Kathy Reichs has released another novel in her TemperanceBrennan series entitled Bones of the Lost. This series now stands at 16 published novels (plus one “E-Short” that has just recently been released.) FYI: E-Shorts are novels that can only been downloaded onto an e-reader or other device and/or read on a computer…no paper copies are available. For those who haven’t tried this author before I encourage you to give it a chance. And if you already read and enjoy the stories…what are you waiting for?? And don’t forget about her Virals series for young adults!

This story features a hit-and-run murder of an anonymous girl in a shady stretch of town, smuggled mummified dogs, a serious murder investigation by the American army on foreign soil, some issues with ex’s, and a web of connections that will leave you still trying to get it all straight in your mind once you finish the book! It is an enjoyable read that will make you smile, laugh, and feel a bit sad all within minutes.

The library has copies of this title available as a Quickread, as a regular hold, and in Audio format.

Review by Diana McCarthy, Community Librarian, Falkland Branch

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