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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Great Information at Your Fingertips! Or, Why the Library Databases are Better Than the Internet

Get free magazine and journal articles online from your library!

As you may have heard, the library subscribes to a number of online databases

But, what on earth is a database? And why would you want to use one?

In the library world, databases are generally collections of digitized articles from the back and current issues of journals, magazines, newspapers and more, which are collected together based on similarity in subject. You can find information in the database using its search box -- type in a few key words and quickly retrieve articles containing the information you need!

Isn’t it easier to just look it up on the internet?

Using library databases can go hand in hand with your internet search and have a few added benefits! 

Do you want free articles from recognized magazines and journals?

 On the web, many articles from popular publishers can found behind a pay-wall, and you may be asked to register and pay to read the article.

 Using library databases opens you up to a lot more content then what is just freely available online and you can read articles from popular and scholarly publications you would normally have to pay for, free with library membership.

Do you want unbiased search results?

 Some internet search engines may tailor your search results based on where you are and what you have looked up in the past. This can be unhelpful if you want comprehensive information about a subject.

 This won’t happen when using library databases!

Do you want skip the ads and pop-ups?

 Finding good information on the web can get distracting when you have to sort through ads and close pop-up windows.

 If you want an ad-free experience, check out a library database.

Explore a few databases today!

This month, explore the MasterFILE Premier and Academic Search Elite databases. Both come from the same company, EBSCO, so you’ll find that you can use each database in the same way and you can easily switch between them (as well as a few other databases) once you are signed in.
MasterFILE Premier provides articles from many popular magazines, so you’ll want to use it to for general reference, business, health, and consumer information. You can find and read articles from such magazines as…

  • Consumer Reports
  • Time
  • Scientific American

Academic Search Elite provides articles from more than 2,000 publications from various academic fields, many of which are peer-reviewed. You can find and read articles from such journals as…
  • Canadian Journal of Archaeology
  • History Today
  • Shakespeare Studies

Try them out for yourself

  1. From the ORL homepage,, click on the “View All Digital Resources” button.
  2. Under the “Magazines, Newspapers, & Journals” heading, click on the MasterFILE Premier or the Academic Search Elite link and sign in with your ORL card barcode number and PIN.
  3. Select the database you wish to use (by default MasterFILE Premier is selected).

And lastly, enjoy great information at your fingertips!

Each month, the ORL features one of its eResources. Library membership gives ORL patrons access to a wide range of eResources that can be accessed from home and in the library. These eResources can be used for reading and enjoyment, to help you with your research needs, or to learn new things.
Bring the library to your home today!

--With files from EBSCO

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