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Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's a Marathon - Diana Gabaldon Keeps You Reading!

     Wow! 1344 pages in 3 weeks. Yes, I am proud to report that I am one more step closer to finishing my Diana Gabaldon marathon. Can I finish the seventh book: “An Echo in the Bone” before the upcoming release of the eighth book in June of this year? It is possible...this title boasts a measly 1078 pages...good grief! Thankfully the fate of the world, my life, or my career does not hang in the balance!

     The storyline for this series is filled with adventure, heartache, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural. The characters in the story are all wonderfully conceived and full of flaws, idiosyncrasies, and endearing qualities. Even those you want to hate you begin to love..just a little! Certainly it is enough to keep most people thoroughly entertained and focused on reading far past the time they should be snoring softly into their pillows. My husband laughs when I say “sure, just one more page,” or “be right there, just have a few pages left to read” as he knows it will be ages before I raise my bleary eyes from my Kobo reader and join him in the real world. But isn't that what many of us love about reading? The escape from reality into a world that is more exciting, romantic, prosperous, wonderful than our own? So if you are wanting an escape from your life for a few minutes – try a book. And if you feel that a Diana Gabaldon marathon isn't appealing – there are thousands of other wonderful books that could be just what you are looking for!

     So now as I begin to reach the light at the end of my reading tunnel I am feeling just a bit sad. All  readers know that reaching the end of a great story brings a feeling of accomplishment but also a measure of sadness as the magic of the story can never really be captured again. So if you have read something wonderful let me know! I should be ready in 2-6 months (finger's crossed!).
By Diana McCarthy, Community Librarian, Falkland

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