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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Auto and Small Engine Repair at the Library: Great DIY Resources!

It’s the perfect season to do auto repairs and other tune-ups in preparation for the summer season and the ORL offers two great online resources for customers to explore: Auto Repair Reference Center & Small Engine Repair Reference Center.

Auto Repair Reference Center 

In the Auto Repair Reference Center, you can find coverage of more than 37,000 vehicles from 1954 to 2010. There are thousands of drawings, photographs, and wiring diagrams to guide you.

To find vehicle repair information, you can look by year, name of vehicle manufacturer and model of your vehicle. You can find such information as service bulletins and recalls, repair procedures and diagrams, specifications and more.

You can also find general car care tips, “Auto IQ” videos, and troubleshooting walkthroughs to help you learn about your car. These additional features are found in boxes lined along the bottom of the Center’s page.

Small Engine Repair Reference Center

The Small Engine Repair Reference Center provides detailed repair guides for both routine engine maintenance and for more extensive repairs for such things as motorcycles, lawnmowers and boat motors.

The repair information comes from hundreds of reference books and manuals, and many include photos and illustrations for step-by-step help.

You can easily explore the Center by category, where you can choose the type of engine you need information for, and select the brand, engine type and model numbers.


You can visit each of these Centers through the “View all Digital Resources” button found on the ORL homepage, . They can both be found under the ‘Automotive’ heading and can used at home or in the library, just sign in with your library card and PIN!


  1. I have been looking into different auto repairs for my car. My car has recently started acting funny. I would really like to have it looked at. If there is something that needs to be fixed I would like to do it soon. I hope I will be able to find a repair shop soon to have it fixed.

  2. Engine problems are one of the worst things to happen to your car! I'm now overly careful about making sure I take my car into the shop if there's even the slightest thing making noise because my last car ended up giving out on me due to an engine problem. It was mostly because I forgot to change the oil in the car before a long trip and let me tell you, it was painful to have to leave the car behind because replacing the engine would have been more than the car was worth at that point. I would have liked to have gotten it repaired if it didn't cost too much.

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