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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Scary Story Competition Winners!

Thanks to everyone who submitted scary stories to the Kelowna Branch Scary Story Competition!
Here are your winners!

PS - they are pretty scary, so please read them first before showing younger children!

Bloodied Rooms by Chelsea, Grade 6 at Bankhead Elementary

Blood is everywhere, there is no escape. Blood is dripping from the walls and trickling through the air vents. It’s flowing in from under the doors. The doors locked from the outside. No escape. The blood is up to my shoulders now. I close my eyes and sink under to drown myself. I wake up in cold sweat. Where am I? I look around for clues. Blood is on the walls, on the floor and on me. I find a sharp, bloodied knife lying beside me. I look around more and find a mutilated body on the ground. I examine it further and it slowly realise that it’s the body of my son. What happened? I follow the trail of blood to my bedroom, odd. I find my soon-to-be husband isn’t there and the blood trails to the closet. I slowly open the closet and I find a small handheld mirror. I look at the reflection and I see a monster with eyes oozing a black goop out of its eyes and covered in fresh blood. This has to be a bad dream. I try to wake myself up but when I open my eyes I’m still there. I glance back into the mirror to look behind me and the monster is gone. I shake my head; it must have been a hallucination. I am a little dehydrated and who knows how long I was on the floor. I turn around to continue searching but then I see him across the hall “Jake!” I yelled to him “I’m so happy to see you! I was afraid something bad happened to you!” I run up to him but he screams and runs as fast as he could away “Jake?” I felt tears sting my eyes. Why was he afraid of me? I look back into the mirror to try to see if I looked different. I shriek and throw the mirror down. In the mirror I saw why he was so afraid of me; I was the monster. I try desperately to remember what happened last night but the only thing I remember was the nightmare. Kill. Kill. Blood shall flow. The voices had repeated that over and over as the room filled up. The voices had started up again and whispered in my ears. Wouldn’t it be nice to just give in? Just kill him so he can never run away from you no matter what! Just think about the warm blood, so comforting, so soothing. They got more and more convincing until I just gave in. I ran down the stairs, no longer in control of myself, and I sunk my nails into him. I hit, scratched and stabbed him until he was completely limp. I was afraid of how much I enjoyed it but now I am not. No one can stop me. I had always loved to travel. Who knows? I could be watching you from nearby. You look awfully lonely, mind if I join you?   

The Provider by Becky, Grade 10 at Kelowna Secondary
The Provider is here. I think it’s around food time. I hope The Provider has meat for me, meat is always warm. The Boy in the Corner reminds me that not all meat is warm, sometimes it’s cold. The provider is here, he has food. I know that the provider is a he because he has short hair, just like The Boy in the Corner. I have long hair, like Rapunzel, so I’m a she. The food that The Provider has is not meat. That’s too bad, but it’s still food. He is a good provider.
The Provider is not here today. I hear lots of sounds coming from the up-the-stairs. Sometimes this happens. The Provider says when other hes and shes come to his living space he has to pay attention to them. The Boy in the Corner asked me to read to him, he picked The Snow Queen. He sits with me on my mattress. The Provider gave me it last week as a gift. It’s a lot more comfy than the ground. I hear banging and a scream. I hope that I get meat tomorrow.
The Provider has meat for me today! It’s always the best when it’s red and drippy. After food he plays a game with me. He hides the bones from the meat and I try to find them. If I can’t he wins. He always wins. The Provider also braided my hair. The Boy in the Corner was making faces and made me giggle. The Provider asked what was funny. I stopped giggling. He gets angry whenever I talk about The Boy in the Corner. He says he doesn’t exist.
The Provider didn’t come today. But I don’t hear any sounds. I’m sure The Provider is ok. The Provider is always ok. The Boy in the Corner is saying rude things about The Provider. I curl up on the mattress and pretend that I don’t hear him. The Provider would never forget about me. The door opens but The Provider doesn’t step through. Only a bag full of leftovers gets through before the door to the up-the-stairs shuts.
The Provider hasn’t come down in a while. I’m very hungry. The Boy in the Corner says that I’ll be like him soon if The Provider doesn’t come down. I’m scared. The Boy in the Corner says not to be, that it’ll be ok in the end. I’ve been reading to him lots. I wish he could read to me. Or braid my hair like The Provider used to. I miss The Provider, I hope he’s ok.
There are lots of sounds coming from the up-the-stairs today. The Boy in the corner looks scared, he’s never scared. The door opens and The Provider comes down very fast. Then the door shuts. I move over to The Provider but he doesn’t react. The Boy in the Corner says it is food time. That this is the only way The Provider could provide for me. My stomach rumbles and I take the first bite. He is a good provider.

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