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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Book Review: Tapestry of Fortunes

Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg.

For those looking for a nice gentle read - look no further (well, you will have to eventually I suppose...) I would not consider this book to be something that has the capacity to truly impact your life or cause a great and wonderful shift in your perspective; but it does serve to tease out that knowledge that we all know deep-down...but too often chose to ignore: That we must make the most out of our life. This latest book by author Elizabeth Berg takes readers on a journey filled with quirky characters, glimpses of Americana, and a detour down that road some never travel; but many wish they had!

This story is narrated in the first person by the character Cece (a talented motivational speaker and amateur fortune-teller) who has found herself at a major cross-roads in her life. Grieving her recently deceased best friend Penny (who may or may not still speak to her at times); Cece finds the courage to make changes in her life that she had long put-off. In doing so; she finds her fortune is not the money in her bank account or the abundance of heirloom quilts she covets; but in the people she learns to love.

Review by Diana McCarthy, Falkland Community Librarian

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