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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Host - Skip the Movie, Go Straight to the Library for the Book!

            I recently watched The Host (directed by Andrew Niccol) which is a film adaptation of the book The Host written by Stephanie Meyer (of the Twilight Saga fame.) Once again I was reminded why I prefer to stick to either just reading the book (forget the movie), or forgoing reading the book and just watching the movie. When you do both - you are bound to be somewhat (or sometimes greatly) disappointed in the movie adaptation...

           The Host (book) by Stephanie Meyer was first published in 2008 and received some acclaim at that time though it was overshadowed by the “Vampire-Fever” her Twilight Saga was starting! The book’s basic plot involves an alien species that requires human bodies to inhabit. Generally during the process the human psyche/soul/? is displaced or lost; though some humans have a strength of will that cannot be squashed by the Alien life. A young woman (Melanie) who has been captured and made into a host fights strongly against the alien invader and manages to evoke the sympathy of the alien. Together they travel to find other humans who have been evading capture. The book is considered a Young Adult novel but is an enjoyable read for both the young and young at heart. 

            The movie greatly reduces the storyline to its bare-bones and simplifies a number of scenes and situations, but it is still fairly enjoyable (though probably more for those who enjoy a bit of romance.) I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something easy and enjoyable to read, and/or wanting to try something a little bit different. The movie I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t read the book (they will be less disappointed!) The library has several copies of the book and I suspect they will be purchasing the movie in the near future.

Review by Diana McCarthy, Falkland Community Librarian

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