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Friday, January 10, 2014

You Have An eReader or Tablet …Now What?

Were you lucky enough to get an eReader or tablet for Christmas?  That's awesome! Now you can’t wait to download free library digital books from the library’s ORL eBooks collection to your device.  But before you get too far ahead, here are a few words of advice to make the process easier for you. 

You need a library card to borrow library eBooks.  Click here for information on getting a library card, or phone or visit your closest branch to make sure your card has not expired.   Also, you will not be able to borrow eBooks if you have fines over $20, so you might want to take care of that :)
Get to know your device as much as possible before getting library staff to assist you.  Library staff may not be familiar with all of the devices out there, so we’ll be relying on you to know your device!  Some things you should know before bringing your device to the library:
  • How to access and change the Settings on your device
  • How to download apps to your device
  • How to close apps on your device
Check with your local branch to see if staff can provide assistance with your device.  You can make appointments in some branches such as Kelowna, Vernon, and Salmon Arm, and staff will sit down with you and show the basics of downloading library eBooks.  Some branches, however, may not always have the staff time to provide in-depth assistance. 
If library staff are able to help with your device, please ensure the device is set up before bringing it to the library.  Staff may not be able to assist if the device has not been set up or is ‘fresh out of the box’.  Consult any documentation that came with the device (‘Quick Start Guide’, etc).   You may have to search for the device User Guide on the Internet.
Again, please take time to learn how your device works first before asking library staff for assistance downloading library eBooks.  This will make the process much faster so that you will be downloading free eBooks that much quicker!

There’s also help online to help you get started.  Click here for our Help page, where you’ll find basic instructions on getting started with using eReaders and tablets with the ORL eBooks collection. You’ll find video clips for most devices, and additional instruction here (provided by OverDrive, the company that distributes digital books to this and other libraries).

If you have any questions, you can email us at or call us toll-free at 1-855-85EBOOK. And have fun!

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